Axereal Slovakia wheat varieties are breaking yield records in Slovakia for the third year. Discover all our new varieties

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Axereal Slovakia's main activity is the production and sale of certified seeds of soft winter wheat, durum wheat, winter feed barley, spring malting barley and soybean. We also distribute corn and waxy corn seed from our partners and supply top of the line AXEREAL brand micro granular fertilizers and foliar fertilizers.

Our wheat varieties for autumn 2021 have high yield potential and great resistance to most diseases. They are also suitable for extensive conditions. The optimum sowing date for superior yields is usually the first decade of October.

BASILIO is the market leader for the fourth year. It is one of the earliest wheat varieties with yields of 12 t/ha (Komoča), 11 t/ha (Piešt'any). It is characterised by its distinctive green colour, shorter stature and strong stems.

EUCLIDE is the most widely used biscuit wheat in Western Europe. It had a high yield even in the driest years of 8-10 t/ha, medium plant height, with excellent lodging resistance, high bulk density and medium early ripening.

CELLULE is characterised by high yields and lower nutritional requirements. It has excellent yield potential of 9-12 t/ha (Borovce 10,1 t, Selice 7,4 t). It is very resistant to the active substance chlortoluron and ripening is moderately early.

FRENETIC  is a high yielding elite wheat. Medium early, above average yield 9 - 12 t/ha, excellent response to intensity, medium plant height.

COMPLICE is an early variety with a yield of 9 - 11 t/ha, very plastic, with excellent health.

ORTOLAN is a reliable variety under different intensity conditions. It is a highly plastic variety for all conditions, high yields of 9-12 t/ha, low plant height and early maturity.

PROVIDENCE is an intensive variety for high yields of 9 - 11 t/ha. Early, high yield even from rhizomes, medium height.

Axereal Slovakia also grow durum wheat seeds in Slovakia. Pescadou, Toscadou and new variety Casteldou have above-average quality and yields of 6 - 8 t/ha. They are early maturing, with high disease resistance.

Varieties of malting barley, especially suitable for autumn sowing LAUREATE is very widespread in Europe because of its quality.PLANET is recognised by all malting companies for its high yield and disease resistance.These varieties are included in the green list of all malt companies in Europe.

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable variety for you.