Axereal is committed in the development of sorghum in Slovakia


A real alternative to maize in areas with difficult soils, this plant offers very good resistance to drought, and requires little water and inputs.

The objective for Axereal Slovakia is to give farmers access to the most promising markets. The demand for sorghum continues to grow in the animal feed market, whatever the destination of the feed mixture: pigs, poultry, dairy cows, etc. It is also sometimes used in human food for free-gluten market. Today, we are proud to be the only player in Slovakia that can guarantees farmers access to its markets, particularly to Hungary, Austria and Italy as soon as they purchase the seeds.

Last year was very complicated for spring crop, but we had some very good results. For example, more than 7 t/ha at Dunajská Streda or 5 t/ha at Borovce in Trnava area.

Our global offers ensure you the best support to succeed on this market in full expansion in our region:

  • Axereal Slovakia offers the best quality seeds from Lidea (French company), with the exclusivity of ES Willy in Slovakia, the variety is adapted to the Slovakia soil and climate conditions and to the expectations of industrial customers.
  • Axereal Slovakia organizes support adapted to each farm in order to succeed in the entire crop cycle.
  • Axereal Slovakia guarantees you, if you wish, an exclusive buy-back contract from the moment you purchase the seeds, allowing you access to the market for the best food firms in the area.

We have the exclusivity from Lidea for the variety ES WILLY. Its performance in the Slovakian region is confirmed: red sorghum, very good drought tolerance, short vegetation period (adapted for second crop) and very good panicle development.

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