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Soybean production

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On our own cultivated areas, we produce seeds of soybean varieties, Betty and Sakusa.

Our varieties are of very good characteristics offering multiple advantages for producers such as a high protein level, oil content and high yields capacities. We are paying special attention to seed purity offering a guarantee of quality soybean seed.

We buy soybean crops after harvest, store them in our audited silos and sell the proven GMO-free crops to our domestic and international customers.

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Grain of soybean

Our soybean varieties

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Harvest of soybean
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Second crops

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After early-planted cereal crops, it is possible to grow second crops. The reason for the use of secondary crops is that the harvesting of cereals has become earlier, the autumn weather is becoming milder and the autumn frosts have been postponed. There is sufficient time between the harvesting of the pre-sown crop and the first frosts for the full life cycle of the second-crop. Areas with a water balance that allows cultivation after heavy rainfall are suitable for second sowing.

The aim of this technology is to drill the crop as soon as possible after harvesting, with as little tillage as possible in order to conserve the soil's water resources. The most effective way of achieving this is direct drilling. This is the best way to conserve soil water. In the absence of this, a good compromise is to combine sowing with immediate shallow ploughing after harvesting, or sowing in mulch. For second sowing, choose varieties with the shortest possible growing time, so that the crop reaches technological maturity and can be harvested after 90-110 days.